Many Gospel Barn fans are members of our VIP Harmony Club.

Here’s How It Works:

 Gold members contribute at least $100 to the Gospel Barn. Silver members contribute at least $75.
Please note that Silver Harmony Club members do not receive the $50 food voucher (details below).
Gold or Silver members then choose their seats for an entire calendar year. All members receive a
membership card.
 Membership runs for a calendar year. So, if you purchase your membership September 1, the
membership runs until the following September of the next year. If members wish to retain their seats
for another year, they must renew their membership(s).
 Seats for Harmony Club members are each covered with red chair covers that say “Reserved: Harmony
Club VIP Member.”
Member Perks:
 The seats selected by Harmony Club members are reserved for each concert. For general admission
concerts, seats are held for the entire concert (unless the member has “loaned” his/her card to
someone else).
o Harmony Club seats for Premier Concerts (reserved-seat events) are held until 30 days before
the Premier concert. Members are contacted before seats are released.
 Gold members receive a $50 voucher for our concession stand. Voucher dollars must be redeemed
within the calendar year of the membership period. Members may permit anyone to use their food
voucher cards – for example a spouse or a grandchild.
 Depending on artists’ schedules, Harmony Club members are invited to attend a few artist Meet &
Greet Sessions with the artists. These events begin before the concert and include cookies and punch.
 Gold Harmony Club members receive a $5 discount for any dinner concert.





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