The Shane Brothers, whose members assumed ownership of the Gospel Barn in 2012, is a group based in Bluffton, IN. The group consists of two Shane brothers –Mike and Jeff – and Jim Loving.

The members of this popular group have recorded more than 40 albums. And, it was inevitable. After all, the Shane brothers grew up in a singing family, and - day after day - the home stereo blared quartet music. The Blackwood Brothers, the Stamps, the Statesmen, the Oak Ridge Boys, the Kingsmen - permeated the Shane household. Too, the brothers' formative years were spent attending church events - revivals, camp meetings and numerous youth camps. Music, especially four-part harmony, was always included.

The Shane Brothers have been singing for nearly 25 years and have recorded approximately 15 albums/CDs. Most of the group’s appearances are in churches, campgrounds and concerts. The team has been privileged to sing with notables like Glen Campbell, the Booth Brothers, the Kingsmen, Triumphant Quartet and many others.

The group’s mission is to provide ministry through southern gospel music in a wholesome way to families and individuals who attend. The members hope to expand the ministry and attract more people not only from Indiana but from the surrounding states. More information regarding the Shane Brothers may be found at






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